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Oasis Soft Social Booth


The Oasis Soft Social Booth is a versatile open-fronted booth, available in three distinctive shaped ceiling options; straight, radius or pitch. This semi-private space is ideal for impromptu meetings or as a group or individual workspace with an optional rear wall allowing for further privacy.

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  • Acoustic lined panels.
  • Acoustic lined ceiling panels.
  • Integrated upholstered sofa units.
  • Lighting: Ceiling hung pendant light.
  • Passive infra-red sensor.
  • Finishes: Laminate external panels.
  • Upholstered seat, sides and ceiling. 
  • External: 2000mm x 1200mm x 2150mm
  • Internal: 1694mm x 1200mm x 1990mm
  • Straight, Radius or Pitch ceiling options.
  • Rear laminate wall.
  • Rear fabric wall.
  • Lighting: Tunable LED lighting with remote control.
  • Accessories: Free standing MFC table (twin steel pedestal base) (1200mm x 800mm x 730mm).

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