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Our lockers are more than just a storage solution; they are a design statement, embodying the quality you expect from Frem. With a variety of standard colour options, they seamlessly blend into any décor, enhancing the look of your workplace or leisure setting.

New Frem Lockers Collection

Welcome to a new era of workplace and leisure storage – where sophistication meets security, and style intertwines with functionality.


Crafted with precision and engineered for durability, Frem lockers are designed to not only safeguard valuables but also elevate the aesthetics of your environment.


Whether you’re designing a new office space, a luxury spa, a premium gym, or any space where security and style converge, Frem lockers collection will provide endless possibilities.


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Novus System Lockers

If you are looking to include lockers in your new or current Novus system please download the brochure and price list below for further details.


Our new Novus Aben product configurator provides the tools to create your own design including locker inserts.


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