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We need to be productive at work but it is not always so easy. There are distractions all around us that can affect our levels of concentration. Frem Group have developed a wide range of solutions that increase privacy, improve acoustics and simply make your office a better environment to work in. Our range of products offers everything from single screens to meeting hubs with sound absorbent walls.



 A = Absorb

Reduces reverberant noise.

Our range of acoustic screens, ceiling elements and wall panels all provide high degrees of absorption to reduce reverberant noise. The broad range of options allow our clients to control reverberation without compromising the desired aesthetic.

All absorbers are formed from acoustic foam, glass fibre or polyester and are designed to absorb at the frequencies that count. When in doubt, our team of acousticians are available to provide guidance on how best to achieve the desired result.

 B = Block

Disrupts the sound path.

All of our screens and pods are laboratory and field tested for their blocking power. Different degrees of privacy can be achieved through the use of screens of varying height and performance. Most of our acoustic screens have both absorption and blocking properties for optimal results.

 C = Cover

Improves privacy.

In many cases, the problem is not sound, but the lack of sound. Very low sound levels result in a high degree of speech intelligibility between rooms and across open plan working spaces. Our sound masking systems provide that much needed backdrop of sound, reducing the level of intelligibility and, in doing so, increasing the level of speech privacy. They are installed in ceilings and raised flooring and work inconspicuously to produce a low level, easily ignored, background noise. As the levels of ‘good’ sound increase, so does our ability to concentrate.