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Space Collaboration

Seamlessly connect to virtual or hybrid meetings in one touch!

DTEN technology is perfect for personal home or small meeting spaces. With smart cameras, powerful speakers, advanced microphone arrays and multi-touch capabilities, they’re your powerful meeting and collaboration workstations.

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Space Connect

Video conferencing with outstanding high-quality 180° Panoramic 4K video technology.

Quality and reliable video conferencing guaranteed! With touchscreen technology and an integrated PC, you'll have the ultimate collaboration and presentation setup. Perfect for 2-6 person meeting spaces, especially in small spaces like meeting pods.

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Space Experiences

Invite your clients to experience your products and services in an interactive way!

Offer a memorable and engaging experience with a state-of-the-art interactive facility! Multiple people can interact at once on a large canvas, promoting involvement and collaboration with clients or staff. Organisations with experience centres find it a great alternative to exhibition events.

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Space Booking

Improve workspace utilisation and measure trends.

Your staff can easily book spaces from anywhere, anytime. Our SaaS solution is network independent and can be scaled for estate-wide deployment and enterprise release. Our integration with occupancy sensors automatically enables and releases bookable spaces, ensuring your workforce can book with confidence.

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Space Occupancy

Do you need more or less space? Who is using what space and how often? Find out!

We answer essential questions about your space activity to help you make informed assessments of your needs. Our non-invasive, battery-operated monitoring solutions can be retrofitted to spaces like meeting pods or installed above desk clusters for accurate assessments. You'll receive enterprise reporting, no matter which solution you choose.

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Space Consultation

Knowing the occupancy and utilisation of your workspace, building, or smart city is essential for managing a hybrid workforce.

"Digitally enabling" your estate enables you to measure employee wellbeing, trends, productivity and resources for cost-effective and productive operations. Our thorough consultation process focuses on employee, furniture, technology and space needs, providing measurable insights for informed business decisions.


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